Hackathon Hackers Europe

Hackathon Hackers Europe (or HHEU for short) is an organisation targeted at helping student lead hackathons around europe. We are here to bring the hackathon organiser and attendee community together to make hackathons easier to run and partipate in.

HHEU put on events throughout the year to help meet our objectives like the HHEU conference.


Is HHEU affiliated with Major League Hacking (MLH)?

HHEU is a community-driven collection of hackathon organisers who want to do more to support UK and European hackathons. While there is an overlap of interest between who’s involved in HHEU and MLH, they’re distinctly separate entities.

Is it free?

HHEU wants to support the hackathon community in the UK and Europe. In the past, events like our HHEU Unconference have been free to attend and have offered travel reimbursements.

HHEU Unconference was kindly supported by sponsors and used resources from HackNotts and DurHack. HHEU tries to keep all events open to everyone by making our events free and offer reasonable travel reimbursement where possible.

Where can I find out more information?

Information around running and attending hackathons can be found at our open source wiki Hack.athon.uk. For any further or personalised information from HHEU you can contact us using [email protected]!

I'm running a hackathon and want to involve HHEU

Great! First of all you can contact us using [email protected] and express your interest and see if we can help you at all. Feel free to also add your hackathon to the Wiki by submitting a pull request on our Repo.

The Team

Robbie Jakob-Whitworth

Robbie is the Lead Organiser of DurHack, Vice-President of Durham CompSoc and an MLH Coach.

Aaron Osher

Aaron is the President of HackSoc, Organiser of HackNotts, an MLH Coach, and a GitHub Campus Expert.

Joe Nash

You know who Joe is. 😁


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Got another question? Reach out to us on [email protected]!